This BLOG is especially for the students who are preparing for their BOARD EXAMS – Undoubtedly, Guys you are the CHAMP for me of this world. You are the ones who are going to write the future of this world. So you just believe in yourself and give your best shot and leave the rest.

You have capabilities, talent and every bloody thing which is required to be a CHAMP. But YOU scared. Yes you are and I totally understand your situation at this moment. You have PRESSURE of EXPECTATIONS.


  • Expectations of your Father
  • Your family
  • Your teachers
  • Your friends
  • Your society


Let them go to hell because this is not a time to scare; you can’t afford that on this moment. Let’s exclude all your nervousness and negativity from your blood. Because this is a life time opportunity you have at the vary moment. Your job is to cash in this opportunity. Because always remember every EXAMINATION & PROBLEM is an OPPORTUNITY to prove your existence & worth to the world. Those who ever doubted you, dragged you down, it’s an OPPORTUNITY to answer all that questions who ever bothered you that you cant do  it.

If this OPPORTUNITY brings SUCCESS in your life so at the same time its bring RESPONSIBILITY as well. It is your job to give your all this time. So study as you never studied before, plan as you never planned before and achieve you never achieved before. Because if you will do you never done before so you will get you never got before. This is not a time to focus external opposition; it’s a time to focus your inner forces because this examination will bring you to near the destination where you want to reach. We always have excuses that we couldn’t achieve something because of this & that. Had unfavorable time, had no time and all but this is a talk of looser. Winners always focus on GOAL no matter how difficult it seems. And your short term GOAL must attain good MARKS in exam. Give your every thing to achieve that, GIVE YOUR BEST & LEAVE THE REST.

So I want you to promise YOURSELF that no matter what result but you will give your best shot this time. I know you will do it because I believe you can.



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Saquib khan

Motivational/public speaker / Life Coach/Corporate trainer.




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