I Dare You Can’t Stop ME….

images,,,,,This is on the behalf of the youth, I am putting my philosophy come cross the table, hope we can relate with this.

As per the proven record that currently YOUTH / YOUNG GENERATION is more percent in comparison to PREVIOUS GENERATION. So if I talk about facts we are the ones who are deciding to choose the government and we are the reason of affecting PER CAPITA INCOME in the country and many more reason. So it’s quit obvious and logical that this generation is the generation who can bring revolution or change for good in the country or in the WORLD.

But there are few areas in our country or I would say most of the places people are not even allowed to chase or follow their fucking dreams. They are chasing someone else dream. It could be;

  • Dream of a father
  • Of a family
  • Of an organization


But not focusing on their DREAM or GOAL in LIFE. Because some where down the life YOU are confused, some of YOU have sold your dream and destination for couple of dollars. It’s hard to listen but that’s true. This generation is the most efficient the world has at present, we are liaising by technology, information, opportunities but we have been paralyzed because of our habits. Habit that’s ruin our life and that’s the HABIT OF IGNORANCE. Why are YOU not understating our own potential? Why are you ignoring your PASSION and DREAMS in life? People have been coming and fucking around that conditioned your mind that you have to do this and that because you allowed them to do so. WHO the hell are they who can tell you not follow your passion. How can you allow them to drag you down from your own dreams? HOW ????…..

The reason is we are just having what ever coming to our way. We are not specific, we are not focused, and we have no fucking goal in life. We are waking up like and accident and we don’t know what to do. Why are we not taking our self serious because the truth of matter is we are capable of every bloody thing in this freaking world. The opportunities are now and then, we just need to grab them from the collar and cash in those opportunities that’s all the SUCCESS is all about. That all the LIFE is all about folks.

SO MAKE A MOVE NOW, its time to hit the nail as hard as you never before, I don’t care in what area you want to accomplish something in life. It could be singing, dancing, guitarist, businessman, doctor or what so ever for that matter. Be passionate for your dream, be focused and I know you will do it because I believe you and I am here to motivate & inspire you all the time.








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Saquib khan

Motivational/public speaker / Life Coach/Corporate trainer.










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