You are Bewildered.

Yes you are confused & i mean it when i say this. By the way i am not being judgemental, it is your fucking reality which is based on your own ACTIONS. Every buddy i have been meeting since long are just singing the same fucking boring tale to me that they wana do this & that but things are not in their favor. So they gonna do that. Every buddy on this planet are gonna do & that is where problem starts & your downfall AS WELL.

You should not gonna do, just show me or prove me that you are doing NOW. I don’t care if you were head boy or girl in your school or got first rank. Just go in the market & show me how good you are. Because market doesn’t care who the hell your father is or what you feel. Always remember that market is the market that’s it my man.

So accept it that you are confused & this blog have already shaked you up. So i am expecting from those who really wana win in their game that they will wake up & clear the shit out & move ahead with more clarity & focus because i believe in your dreams. So best of luck.



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Saquib khan
Motivational/public speaker / Life Coach/Corporate trainer.


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