Unbelievable Katappa and Bahubali Real Truth.

Unbelievable Katappa and Bahubali Real Truth

I know you all are eager to know the real untold truth of your question you have been waiting for since long. Before that i wana put my views across the table. This generation by far the most sensible & opinionist generation we have, thats i believe. Specially youth of the country. But some times its really difficult to understand that why we become so desperate to not understand about what is our prioirties in our life. I have no problem with any artistic work & i personally love the ART but why everyone is just going with the crowd to see or know, what doest not even matter to you. Are we that stupid. I know some of you are sensible enough & know the real deal. I Dont know you ever thought this way or not but Would like to tell you that please UNFUCK yourself with crowd who leads you to path of regrets & failures.

This time is the best time of human man kind to achieve something in life becuase everyone is got damn busy to irrelevent acitivities. So you just need to chanalize your energy & focus in a manner that all the looser imagine to have a life like you.

So the TRUTH is – they all just wanted to make you stupid & waste lots of your time not to put your energy in a right direction & I am glad some what they succeed. So congrats to them & by the way i am out this race of stupidity & hope some of you too.


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Saquib khan

Motivational/public speaker / Life Coach/Corporate trainer.


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