The Giver…

Folks try to understand a philosophy of life that i have been following since long because i am here to give more than to expect. For me its always ( G>R ). My friends Givers are always come from different species. As far as i concerned they are not normal. In this era where every one is only focusing on receiving. It could be any thing- love, care, money, respect, knowledge or any thing for that matter, we are only looking for not giving to.

Wise people always give back what ever they receive from- friends, family or society. So we should learn the art of giving rather then science of receiving. Its very easy to expect something from the world but it take world to be expected and those people become legends in their industry.

I am here to transform the souls who are willing to grind every bit of them, those who are in this world to win only. I will teach you how to change the track and will take you another level of success because i have understood the game that GIVERS are WINNERS.



Insta – saquib2202

Saquib khan
Motivational/public speaker / Life Coach/Corporate trainer.


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