Idols or Rivals…


If you wana buy this freaking planet then Work, Work & work, thats it, thats how you get that. We all have IDOLs in our lifes what ever the field we belongs to, (personally & professionaly). We look up to them and want to dublicate their life. I do have many idols in my life but dont want to duplicates their lifes. 

Always remember same product dont have the same value its always called DUPLICATE. Now you have to decide you want to make your own identity or wana become a duplicate product. Follow your idols, learn from them, observe them & work for it. 

Hard work has no substitute my friend in this world & there should not be anymore. We are facinated by a terminology called smart work, spcially this generation. Folks smart work is good but hard work is must. Give your all to passion and work day & night then slowly & gradually you will realise that game started changing and you are leading in that game of SUCCESS.

So would like to advice you that work, work & work. Hope you to serve you some day.



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Saquib khan
Motivational/public speaker / Life Coach/Corporate trainer.


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