PASSION, I call it madness, when you want something from LIFE more than you have or deserve from then your madness start. Then you start realizing your potential and you work for it .

Folks the people around you will give you hundred of reasons that the dream you want to fulfill is IMPOSSIBLE, because they want you to be where you are at this vary moment.

  • They will laugh on your dreams
  • They will demoralize you
  • They will tell you its not bloody possible


Now you have two choices, one to believe what they want you to believe or do what you believe, because champions believe on itself not on others.Winners go against the flow and make things happen. No matter what circumstances are no matter what situation is , no matter what you are feeling , one thing only should matter to you and that is WHAT YOU WANT because winner always focus on GOAL.

How many time you have heard people talking like this its not easy, its not possible but this is what they believe and they have given up in such situations, always remember let you hold the pen when you pen down the story of your life not anyone else.

So have passion toward your dreams, run for your dreams, don’t think how impossible it seems for others, its your dreams, so its your job to accomplish your dreams, no one will do it for you. Because no really care about. you are the one who will care. So let me sum in these words. PASSION, PASSION & PASSION.  Run for it until you achieve it.



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Saquib khan

Motivational/public speaker / Life Coach/Corporate trainer.


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