Relationship IS success.

Relations now days are just demanding this is the biggest muddle the world is facing in terms of RELATIONSHIPS. But the reality is relations are mutual respect and understanding of two souls. I am being real with you folks, it’s really not about inner connections all the time its matter of understanding the situation & circumstances which are untold most of the ti1414148864130439me. If it’s not understood then two people change their ways forever. At this era we are loosing our relations NOW & THEN because many reasons and one of them is DEMANDING.  How many of you have lost your friends family relations just because of this demanding nature. Apart form that EGO is eliminating people from our life.

World’s best facilities and technologies you can buy with money but the wealthiest person in the world who must have and build RELATIONS.

  • Relationships with company
  • with customer
  • with family
  • with society


As far as my experienced is concern, who ever succeed in their life, are people who mastered the art to build relations. Relationships are not just having conversations it’s about giving all. It is vary from relations to relations. (Professionally & personally)

Let me withdrawn an opportunity to tell the world that I have great family & friends around me, glad and blessed to be a part of their journey to motivates and inspire them and make them assured that I am always standing next to them. Because relation is all about GIVING your all not just DEMANDING.

Let’s realize the importance of our relations and feel blessed and let them give our best by keeping our EGO aside and build a healthy and peaceful world. Once we become good;

  • Friend
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Sister
  • OR Person, then life becomes easy and light. We focus on our work more than having a hectic and disturbed mind. So SUCCESS is all about PEACE and PEACE is all about having a good relationships and spread harmony in the society.





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Saquib khan

Motivational/public speaker / Life Coach/Trainer.






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