This Generation’s philosophy

This generation is the generation who is not getting APPROVALS from the previous generation. The reason is IDEOLOGIES. Both the generations have different ideologies, believes, attitude & PHILOSOPHIES.

And I believe that it is a time to change, change of AUTHORITIES and RESPONSIBILITIES because it is not easy to change in believes and attitude, that’s is the conditioning of their mind from decades.

Your family and relations are expecting some thing else from you and that is where the differences of opinions start, i.e. they want you to become a doctor, engineer, the most educated person or who sleeps at 8:00 AM and leave the bed at 6:00 AM or if in simple words I sum up so its mean earning more bucks then their neighbors & settled. These are the parameters for them of life or successful life. That’s what they want & there life is all around there neighbors and uncle’s son / daughter’s achievements.

Hope you will agree with me or else don’t looking for your agreement as well and same as me you don’t need any one’s fucking approval for your dreams to achieve or become some thing in life. You do if you want, if it’s about your carrier and dreams. I am not asking you to disobey your family or elders don’t get me wrong folks, I just want you to wake up and go after your freaking passion and dreams. NO MATTER if some supports you or not, NO MATTER if some one understands you or not. So whattttt.

WHO CARES, it’s your job, your dream, So you have to care no one else will do it for you. Got that.

NOW let’s decide TODAY that you will change your fucking life, you will care about your dreams and you will full fill it in most possible time, no matter what it takes, no matter how hard it seems. But you will do it, and I know you will because I believe you and I am here to guide you, motivate you and inspire you time to time.



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Saquib khan

Motivational/public speaker.





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