youth of the country.

YOU are the game changer. with the reference of history it is proven that YOUTH / YOUNG generation is always biggest source of change. It can be:-

  • change in society
  • change in economy
  • change the world

So the bottom line is, the most powerful tool we have is young generation, so government should look after their studies at very initial stage, because government also plays an important role to provide some facilities which can educate the youth in progressive manner.

Parents on the other hand are very important and plays a crucial role because they are the one who spend the most of the time togehter with their kids so understanding the real potential and support him/her in that regard is very important

Last but not the least YOU my dear generation you. even if no one is there to pet your back then let them go to hell, this generation is the most innovative, talented and sensitive the world have. So YOU don’t need a sympathetic hand from any one. YOU are capable enough to achieve your freaking dreams beside the unfavorable circumstance and situations. YOU YOU YOU my dear. So lets start work together for your dream. I am your coach / trainer would always around you to MOTIVATE YOU, INSPIRE YOU, because i believe you, i believe the real potential in you which is just need to be polished.

So have passion towards your DREAMS and work for it day and night until you achieve it.



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Saquib khan

Motivational/public speaker.











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