It’s never too late.

I am writing this for those who think that time has gone and its fine to be where you are. But reality always different form our situations.

TIME is the key component of someone’s ACHIEVEMENTS, but its not mean that you have to start on right time, i believe the day you wakes up the day your journey begin. So its never too late to have a new start. Circumstances and situation may give you thousands of reason to be where you are and not to start over again but those who have goal in life with commitment they always go with passion. Some time in life it takes time to realize your own passion and potential but it does not mean that right time has passed away, THE RIGHT TIME IS THE ONLY TIME YOU START.

Failure is not failure, not try again and accept the defeat is Failure in life, you were busy in your life, family, children, but its time to chase your dreams, it is your responsibility to run after your dreams to achieve your destination which you designed by you own. Its very easy to go with the flow but those who achieve some thing in life always go against the flow and make thing happen. your circumstances are created by you, its is ongoing process you are in. Just break that ambiguity and go after your dreams because its never too late.

So lets start today with passion and commitment and i assure your success in best possible time because i believe you. BEST OF LUCK.




Saquib khan

Motivational/public speaker.


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