Hello Everyone,

Good afternoon,

Today i choosed a topic to talk about is “UNEDUCATION” – the perception of the world on the word uneducation is based on COLLEGES,universities & DEGREES, whoever is having more degrees is much more EDUCATED , is it so  !  FOR ME OF COURSE NOT.

I have came across thousand of people having a professional degrees & A+ back ground with very LOW grade thoughts, views & mentally and i hope you all too faced such sort of people.

Sorry to say but for me they are not educated at all.

A person with many degrees can be UNEDUCATED if he / she doesn’t have a sense of sound VIEWS and UNDERSTANDING on any thing, it can be any topic or situation or (in short i can say about LIFE) and reverse is as same as it is.

COME ON…….we need to understand this thing – EDUCATION is not related to go school & college and having a degree, our thinking, views & behavior towards:-

  • Women
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Relations………………….(LIFE)

– are the mirrors of our education.

So please everyone always behave like an EDUCATED human being and you neither need to depend on anyone to do so nor need any degree, So no excuses please ! Always develop your own sense of sound VIEWS , THOUGHTS & UNDERSTANDING with full of confidence and knowledge.


Appreciate your time.



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